On 23 January, Tbilisi Marriot hosted the first meeting of the Democratic Movement-United Georgia’s "Darbazi” led by the Chairperson of the Party Mrs. Nino Burjanadze. Mrs. Burjanadze informed the audience of the goals and role of "Darbazi”.

According to Mrs. Burjanadze, together with "Darbazi”, the members of the Democratic Movement-United Georgia party will try to formulate goals for the benefit of people.

"We, together, have to find the way out of the crises which Georgia faces today” – said the Chairperson of the Democratic Movement.

She continued, that the statements which form the basis of the party’s agenda will be finalised only after they pass through the expert examination and scrutiny of "Darbazi” members.

"Every meeting of "Darbazi”, including the one today and those which are to follow, will serve as a guarantee, that the Democratic Movement – United Georgia’s political decisions are made solely by considering public opinion and opinions of  experienced professionals” – said Mrs. Nino Burjanadze.

The meeting covered the complex situation existing in the country, as well as the issues existing in the economic, cultural, health and social areas. The discussion also touched upon the foreign policy priorities of the country and Georgia-Russia relations.

Following the meeting, Mrs. Nino Burjanadze said the convention was of immense interest and significance, more so that, the opinions of "Darbazi” members completely coincided with those of the members of the Democratic Movement- United Georgia Party Board regarding the realities in the country, and the need for early Presidential followed by Parliamentary Elections, seen as the way of resolving the current crises.

Upon the completion of the meeting, Mr. Givi Berikashvili gave his commentary welcoming any initiative aimed at the well-being of the country and its people.

"I welcome the creation of "Darbazi”, as it will give us opportunity to learn the opinion of the Georgian intelligentsia” – said Mr. Givi Berikashvili.

In the opinion of Rezo Chkheidze, "people who attended today’s meeting duly presented their views and proposals, which is very useful. I wish we were able to hear the views of ordinary people and not only of high officials, since every person has his/her own views about the future. Today’s speeches truly had the kernel of truth and I believe it is this kind of gatherings which will serve as an impetus for the progress in this cause and the country in general”. 

Apart from "Darbazi” members, the members of the Democratic Movement-United Georgia’s Party Board also participated at the meeting.

The convention agreed on the forms of future cooperation. Democratic Movement- United Georgia’s "Darbazi” is a consultative-representative body, the primary goal of which is to discuss the crucial issues for the country, provide timely recommendations and support their practical implementation.

"Darbazi” is represented by people of various professions who are well-known to the Georgian public.

According to the Charter of the Democratic Movement-United Georgia, it is obligatory for the Party Board to consider "Darbazi” recommendations.

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