Nino Burjanadze: We should force the government to hold fair elections.
In her comment following the conclusion of the ‘Council of Leaders’, where leaders of 14 oppositional parties met with diplomatic corps, Nino Burjanadze stated: “’Council of Leaders’ made collective judgment that our unitary position is that pre-electoral environment was certainly unfair, unequal and tense, as there were numerous incidents of harassment, not even mentioning the massive utilisation of administrative resources.”
As Burjanadze noted, “the unity of ‘Council of Leaders’ is vital. Everyone knows rather well how important is a vote of a single citizen, as the difference in support of first four candidates is very narrow. It is an utter nonsense that the turnout does not matter as the outcome is already decided. If the electorate is active, then it will be possible to achieve the result which will be completely opposite to government predictions.

At the ‘Council of Leaders’ we asked the representatives of the diplomatic corps to avoid issuing statements, such as the one by the United States ambassador, which completely differs from the position of all political parties, par the ‘Georgian Dream’. It is very important that we force the government to hold more or less normal and fair elections, as achieving ideal one is impossible due to the fact that the election day is not the sole component of elections. Despite all this, the government still has an ability to normalise the process. I do not expect this from them, but provided the electorate is active, it is still possible that elections do not lose their significance in this country.

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