Preliminary report of Oppositional Electoral Subjects
We, Georgian oppositional electoral subjects/political associations, express uttermost apprehension over the 21 October 2017 Municipal elections. Our assessment is as follows: these elections were held in an unfair and uncompetitive environment, which blatantly violates commitments of the Georgian state to the OSCE, as well as other international standards.

Our evaluations:

• Results of these elections were premeditated by the government.

• Under the present government, electoral environment in Georgia is worsening year-by-year. Actually, we have reached the point beyond which transition of the government through elections becomes impossible.

We proclaim our distrust towards preliminary results of elections, which has been mounting during all three stages of the electoral cycle.

In particular:

• Sharply manifested unequal pre-electoral environment.
• An unprecedented, total harassment of the electorate and the members of district commissions, as well as numerous instances of bribery.
• Suspiciously belated and opaque process of summation.

Aforementioned result was brought around by the following manipulations:

• Changes to the election code during the run-up to elections, designed to give further electoral advantage to the ruling party.

• Widespread utilisation of the administrative resource for electoral purposes during the run-up, and the day of elections.

• Total subordination of the electoral administration to the ruling party.

• Illegal regulation of the media by the government to give electoral advantage to the ruling party.

• Unprecedentedly manifold disparity in capacity to mobilise funds to the advantage of the ruling party; Electoral ‘black money’ mobilised by the ‘Georgian Dream’, which far surpasses declared funds and evades the attention of the State Audit Office, as well as NGOs and international observers.

• Mass harassment of oppositional subjects and its candidates by law enforcement authorities and activists of the ‘Georgian Dream’, as well as obstruction to the conduct of political campaign and the practice of vandalising the agitation material.
• Fictional nature of governmental agencies responsible for holding free and fair elections. Particularly, ineffective Inter-Agency Commission; public justification and encouragement of violations by top-ranking official as well as law enforcing agencies, turning a blind eye on these acts.

• Electoral districts on the day of elections saw total harassment of the electorate by activists of the ruling party, beginning from the entrance, right until the end of the voting procedure.

• Numerous facts of bribing the electorate, the footage of which was constantly broadcast in the media, which was sad news for these elections.

• District commission members ignoring complaints submitted by oppositional electoral subjects and observes, regarding numerous violations.

• Belated publication of results and the announcement of XX% of results by 12:00.

About the report:

Given report represents a joint report on 21 October 2017 Municipal Elections by the oppositional electoral subjects/political associations. The aim of this report is to unite the effort of the aforementioned subjects in monitoring and evaluating these elections, in spite of mounting pressure from the government.

PAC 'The New Rights' - Mamuka Katsitadze
PAC 'The New Georgia' - Giorgi Vashadze
PAC 'New Christian Democrats' - Grigol Jojua
PAC 'United Democratic Movement' - Nino Burjanadze
PAC 'Demmocratic Movement - United Georgia' - Gigla Baramidze
PAC 'European Democrats' - Paata Davitaia
PAC 'National Forum' - Soso Vakhtangishvili, (on behalf of election bloc 'Sheneba' - David Usupashvili)
PAC 'National Democratic Party' - Bachuki Kardava
PAC 'Free Georgia' - Kakha Kukava
PAC 'Freedom' - Konstantine Gamsakhurdia
PAC 'Labour Party of Georgia' - Shalva Natelashvili
PAC 'The Union of Traditionalists' - Akaki Asatiani
PAC 'Political Movement of Patriots and Military Veterans' - Gia Berdzenidze


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