Emergency Update
Judging from incoming summative protocols, oligarch Bidzina Ivanishvili’s aims are as clear as ever. He is doubling down on his efforts to remove our political party in particular, and political class in general, from Georgian political scene.
I would like to provide you with two unprecedented instances which prove that elections were rigged. I would like to stress that the weight of the following evidence is unprecedented.

1. #5 electoral district of Isani: at #25 polling station, according to summative protocol, our candidate for Mayorship received 44 votes, majoritarian candidate received 66 votes, whereas our political party received only 6 votes. When our majoritarian candidate Vladimir Kobakhidze, alongside with our representatives in commission demanded the recount, all commission members including the head of commission responded to us by offering our party additional 50 votes, without recount (!). The explanation of the Head of Commission was that he knew that we received more than 6 votes. Therefore, to avoid the political fallout, he decided to give us 56 votes in amended summative protocol, signed by all commission members.

2. #30 electoral district of Kaspi: at #28 polling station, our majoritarian candidate received 159 votes and won. Immediately after the announcement of results, members of Security Service arrived at the polling station and brought about his defeat with 3 votes. As a result, our candidate was stripped of his victory. Our majoritarian candidate proved to be resilient and shifted his attention to our party votes – our party was given 0 votes in face of our majoritarian candidate’s 159. As it was clear to our candidate that our votes were stolen, he asked one simple question, he demanded an explanation where was his 1 single vote that he cast to his own political party? Similarly, to the aforementioned case, the summative protocol was amended without recount, and our party was given additional 42 votes.

I would like to stress that only at the aforementioned two stations, our political party was given additional 92 votes. If we are being robbed of our votes even 10 times smaller the rate, our predictions of 12-14% would have been easily achieved.

In the meantime, majoritarian candidate from Akhalkalaki (which is our traditional stronghold) is asking the same question – why is that, on number of polling stations, we have received 0 votes when we know that we have received at least 80 votes per polling station? Similarly, he has filed a complaint requesting the recount, was rejected and is now appealing to court.

I would like to proclaim that we are not going to tolerate this degree of contempt. At this moment, these types of evidence are being collected all across Georgia. I will refrain from presenting them to you until they are finalised for Tomorrow’s meeting between our party and representatives from ODIHR, IRI, NDI, ISFED and diplomatic corps.

We are not going to let the ruling party rob our voters from their basic and constitutional right – to cast a vote according to their will!

We will keep you updated following the conclusion of our Tomorrow afternoon’s meeting
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