Party's Vision

Georgia has been undergoing constant political fluctuations since gaining independence.

The country has been unable to form a stable, democratic environment, supporting dignified development of our people and their hope of tomorrow.

The country had two opportunities for transforming into a successful State, and we lost in both cases due to narrow political interests, radicalism, unprofessionalism and inadequacy.

Georgia cannot afford to make any more mistakes.

The country is facing the gravest reality.

In the history of countries, there comes a time when its very existence is decided. Our country has had many moments like this, and it was the strength and courage of individual people, belief in the future and sense of responsibility for coming generations that gave us prospects for tomorrow.

We went through enormous perils, but the threat we are facing now is no less: we have lost the war, part of our territories have been occupied, hundreds of people have died and thousands of families have been displaced. Entire Georgia has been insulted - each and every one of us, the reputation of the country has been damaged, and the trust of the authorities has been plummeting both within the country, as well as abroad. The public is again divided and frustrated.

Suppressing hope and belief in people is destructive, but hope devoid of foundations is even bitterer than any painful reality.

It is insulting when your Government chooses the road of lies and irresponsibility. This road leads to nowhere.

We cannot allow this to happen!

I will never come to terms with my country being torn apart, divided and defeated; with lies and despair.

I know that in this fight for our country’s tomorrow we are abundant!

Regaining Georgia’s territorial integrity is our historic duty. We will achieve it by our knowledge, experience, daily work and self-sacrifice. It has been demonstrated on many occasions that Georgian people are well aware that uniting the country and nation is possible only through practical establishment of democratic values.

Fate of democracy in independent Georgia was not easy. Although every leader’s declared goal was democracy, the country has been losing territories, laws have been used to sustain corruption, poverty has been taking over more and more families, people have been less protected and subject to violence. Hence, the word "democracy”, which in the West implies welfare, justice and stability, in our country has been devaluated. Nevertheless, the path of democracy remains unchanged, our fundamental value of being an inseparable part of European democratic family – remains unchanged.

Everybody needs democracy, since only true democracy brings freedom to each of us.

This is – political freedom, freedom of expression, and free economy. Democracy is when the country’s intellectual capacity is utilized to its full potential in the country’s management. Democracy is when everyone is equal in the face of law. Democracy is when the law does not allow for infringing property and business interests of others illegitimately. Democracy is justice, fairness and natural development of free market without artificial monopolies. Hence, democracy is the pre-requisite for the economic welfare of all strata of the population. Democracy is the highest value of Euro-Atlantic culture, the only condition for having relations with it, and therefore, the guarantee for Georgia’s security and unity.

Building a democratic state means: protection of citizen’s private life, without illegal wiretapping and shadowing; enjoying personal right of making choices among various alternatives; freedom of media; impartiality of the judiciary; being able to utilize one’s personal and professional abilities at any age; the right to express dissatisfaction and protest with any lawful means; and guarantees for protecting the State from any kind of violence.

I was a part of this Government for a long time. I was there, because this team, and its leader, like no one before, had a chance to save this country and make it strong. I was there until moral mistakes overshadowed sound decisions. I was there until I believed that we had learned from our mistakes and we would not disappoint our people yet again. I remained there until I had the capacity to avert danger to the country.

I made mistakes, though I have never changed my political beliefs. I have never betrayed these convictions.

I put in a lot of effort, but I did not have enough capacity, which could only be given by bringing together likeminded people.

That is precisely why I decided to set up a new political party Democratic Movement – United Georgia.

This is already a political party represented by you, which is capable of practically stopping the crises leading to catastrophe. Our unity, on the first place, is based on unfailing faith of Georgian people to build its own country; our intellectual potential is in hundreds of professionals, whose knowledge, abilities and experience this country lacked so much; our power lies in international political reputation, our ability to listen, reconcile and be united.

All of us together can offer our people objective information, protect our members from pressure and terror, and protect votes; protect business from political pressure; and launch the process of negotiations within the country and beyond its borders.

Building a democratic State is not a painless process bringing only successes. The main thing is to believe, learn from our mistakes, combat and do not come to terms with violence, lies, deception, and intimidation, find common grounds with internal and external opponents and partners.

We have to come together to restore the weak Georgian democracy.

We all have to realise, that democracy cannot be created only by the good will of political leaders! Democracy, i.e. people’s rule is created only by people. Indifference of public is the greatest enemy of freedom and democracy.

Only independent State and independent person can be truly successful and happy.

While the formula for freedom is courage!

I urge you not to fear difficulties!

Let us walk together on the road leading to a better Georgia, the road full of difficulties, pain but full of pride!

I believe that together we will definitely win!

Nino Burjanadze:

Being passive in our country today equals crime!Today everyone having common vision and values should act, and act jointly to save our country!


It is no use talking about individual mistakes made by the Government. It is making one chief mistake – it chooses the way of political control and terror instead of a democratic means; it fights only to maintain power, and does it by breaking all the rules.

Such politics destroys the country. It leaves people frustrated and hopeless; damages country’s international reputation and reduces trust of partners and opponents.

Exactly five years ago, people demonstrating in the streets changed the Government and handed over the authority to new political forces, trusting in their political promises. Later it turned out that the authority of the Parliament was abridged, the dialogue with the political opponents ceased; the society was divided, freedom of speech and conducting business was limited, property rights were violated and the judiciary turned into the servant of the Executive Branch of the Government.

With the passing of each day, decrease in freedom and democratic governance was becoming more and more obvious, resulting in serious problems for our political stability. However, individual problems turned into a catastrophe in August 2008, when the political system shaken by autocratic rule brought the country to a historic failure. The August developments significantly deteriorated the situation in the country. System crises are permeating all levels of political and social life:

• At the State level: national security is infringed, over fifth of our motherland is occupied, social background has deteriorated significantly, the threat of deepening economic crises has increased. Russian occupation of the Georgian territories has significantly distanced Georgia from NATO integration while EU integration has been postponed for undefined period of time. Georgia, which despite its frozen conflicts always remained on the front line of the regional developments, today is unable to influence processes – our fate is being decided by others. The image of the country as of a trusted partner has been damaged, resulting in irreparable damage to the country’s political reputation, investment climate, and transit potential. Furthermore, the threat of external aggression has not yet been alleviated.

• At the society level: The August events have deepened a gap within the society. Nihilism and apathy is pervasive. Political elite ruling the country is disorganized and demoralized, and is hiding behind propaganda conducted by the controlled media. Against this backdrop, it is natural, that national idea was unable to develop, and values are being mixed up. Frustration is prevailing, trust in democratic institutions is lost, as well as the hope for tomorrow, feeling of insecurity and fear is widespread.

We have to act, and act together to save our country!

Who are we?

Democratic Movement party launches its activities at the most complex and responsible time of Georgia in the last decade.

Our political party is created by the people for whom the most important is:

Re-unification of Georgia – our motherland, non-violation of territorial integrity, protection of its statehood and national interests!

The highest moral value is a person, person’s life, freedom and dignity!

Georgia, its culture, spiritual values, traditions and faith – the treasure created by our predecessors and maintained not only for Georgia, but for the entire humanity!

Our political party is created by the people who believe:

That the only correct form of State governance is truly democratic, and who are ready to strengthen and protect it;

That what Georgia needs on the first place today is political renewal;

That country’s reality needs critical and substantive reflection;

That Georgia’s dignified development is possible only within Euro-Atlantic zone.

Democratic Movement – United Georgia brings together people who aim at:

- Protecting national interests and values;

- Achieving welfare and material security in the country;

- Ensuring supremacy of people’s choice and will;

- Supporting balanced government with well defined boundaries;

- Impartiality of justice;

- Free media;

- Free businesses;

- Protection of property;

- Guaranteed protection of every persons rights and freedoms;

- Creating safe, peaceful and worthy environment for every citizen of Georgia and their families.

Why are we forming a political party?

Amid the present crises and threats, the existence of the feeling of hopelessness permeating the most part of the society is extremely dangerous.

We are setting up a political party to stop the deepening crises at the initial stage, to stabilize the processes and lead the country out of the crises by changing the Government through constitutional methods.

We are setting up a political party, because we do not tolerate:

Cultivating fear, lies and injustice;

Autocratic decision-making or political decisions made by narrow circle of people;

Clannish rule;

Excluding professionals and generations from dynamic public and political processes;

Disintegration of national values and traditions.

We are setting up a political party to ensure:

Country’s stable political development and security;

Creation of legal and political guarantees for country’s democratic growth and its irrevocable development;
Supremacy of law;

Development of civil society;

Authentic and sustainable local governance;
Creation of effective systems of social and health protection; (with the special focus on
education and primary healthcare – access to medication and treatment; ensuring dignified
services for elderly);

Country’s professional governance;

Bringing authorities and society closer;

Creating opportunities for comprehensive utilization of experience existing in the society;

Fast paced and sustainable development of economy;

Collection of social capital in the country.

We are setting up a political party:

To restore political image of the country as of a trusted partner, bridge the gap in the society, overcome the crises and ensure development perspectives!

We are setting up a political party so that we are not faced with the choice between the two extremes again.

We are setting up a political party as we are aware of the third option – the way for country’s rational and successful development!


Short-term Action Plan

Democratic Movement – United  Georgia, based on the analysis of the current circumstances, announces its anti-crises political programme. It implies coordinated actions of party’s political leadership, its members and supporters.

”Democracy today!”

Envisages the following political actions:

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